ABOUT - Jesse Johnson
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In 2008, while I was a young coach of high school distance runners, I also earned my MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University (Boulder, CO), and created a full private practice in Portland, Oregon soon after relocating in 2009. As the experience piled up, I felt the calling to go deeper and broader with my clients and my impact.
In 2015 I began to vision about working with people in more fluid and creative ways – fewer limits, fewer rules, more creativity, and, ultimately, more impact.
In 2016 I created Supergivers because it’s who I want to become. I am now on a path of bold and creative service because it seems to be what I can offer the world at this time.
I believe major cultural shifts happen not necessarily through complex strategy but through the individual accessing tools like kindness, compassion, and inclusion. I am on a mission to shift the way the entire human race conceives and embodies relationship to self and other and I hope you’ll consider joining in!