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Personal Revolution encompasses all that is “personal” – intra-personal, inter-personal, trans-personal. It starts from deep within the self and has the potential to traverse into your community and can ripple throughout the cosmos.
In today’s fast-pace, screen-grabbing world, it is easy – even automatic, at times – to focus on creating change through the external – strategy, goals, education. And these are all worthy pursuits, sure to add robust expansion of our thinking, achievement, and learning.
Personal Revolution coaching is about accessing consciousness in order to evolve selfhood in a direction of more intentional and change-oriented living. In order to do this, my clients must acquire a level of commitment to experiences like stillness, curiosity, vulnerability, play, and experimentation in order to access and re-organize parts of who they are.
Make no mistake, I do not believe there is anything “wrong” with who you are. I do not believe you have to be fixed or that we will engage in an “I’ll be worthy when” condition on your coaching, or even that you need coaching. Rather, I believe whole-heartedly that relationship is the heartbeat of vital living, so why not create a relationship whose sole purpose is to support your soul’s purpose?!
As a coach, my main focus is to facilitate the opportunity for your conscious transformation towards a desired state of being in and acting upon the world. What I’ve found is that the most profound moments of transformation in my life and in the lives of those I’ve served are moments of edge experience. Such moments exist, in large part, when these factors align:
  1. CHALLENGE – You must be challenged enough to capture singular focus.
  2. RISK/INVESTMENT – You have to face the possibility of losing something important to you, and thus, achieving something of exponential meaning. In many cases, people who have almost lost their lives have maximized risk and harnessed action and resources within themselves that become the foundation for lasting change to their selfhood. The element of Risk/Investment is one way that money can be used very intentionally to create change. Together, you and I will make sure that the financial investment you make towards a coaching experience will be the right amount to maximize your focus, motivation, and results.
  3. JOY – Once we identify a desired state of being, we can utilize your existential aim to create an enjoyable experience. Yes, parts of this can, and, for the sake of your highest goals, should be fun!