Supergivers Podcast with Jesse Johnson - Episode 43 : Nanci Luna Jimenez
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Nanci Luna Jiménez is recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally for her highly effective and insightful training, inclusive facilitation, and dynamic speaking with groups of diverse ages, industries, and cultural backgrounds. She founded Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation (LJIST) in 1994 to design and deliver programs to encourage individuals in their process of personal transformation, releasing individual initiative to create a more just and equitable workplace and world.

Nanci’s signature approach to social justice and healing continues the legacy of work that Dr. Erica Sherover-Marcuse, who coined the term “unlearning racism,” began and Lillian Roybal Rose, M.Ed., recognized Cross-Cultural Communication specialist, continued. This process empowers participants to take pride in their own heritage as a means of building alliances with others. Nanci expertly combines these teachings with methodologies developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs (ICA), an international organization that provides training in participatory group facilitation processes for sustained organizational and social change. A Certified Professional Facilitator© since 2006, Nanci facilitates individuals and groups to look freshly at where they might be stuck while supporting them to make transformational changes they envision through: personal healing, cross cultural communication, group consensus, organization inclusion, and short and long term planning and implementation.

In 2016 Nanci was a Fellow in the Presidio Institute’s Cross Sector Leadership Program. In 2006 she was awared a National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) Fellowship where she completed the Executive Leadership Program through the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, Belgium.Of Puerto Rican and Chicana heritage, Nanci was born in Detroit, MI, and raised in Detroit and Tucson, AZ. Nanci thrives doing Bomba—an Afro-Puerto Rican dance and drum tradition—traveling, weight lifting, training for half marathons and practicing yoga—on and off the mat.

Access Nanci’s Work:

The Luna Jimenez Institute